Teacher Reviews

A high school Spanish teacher from New York City, who is currently using Sueños de la isla in her classes, reports that her students are really enjoying the book, are proud of how much they can actually understand, and are even trying to sneak to the end to find out what happens. She also says, " As a teacher I can say that the activities on the CD are amazingly thorough, thoughtful, and very helpful. I just wanted to let you know that you have done great work."

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Student Reviews

"It made me realize how much Spanish I know and helped me practice understanding things through context. I most related to the theme of dreaming big but sometimes we realize that there are other things more important than these dreams."
Spanish II

"I learned so much about the culture of “béisbol” in the Dominican Republic. I say this because I learned something that was really interesting and could be applied to everyday, real world life."
Spanish II

"I think by reading this book, my reading ability in Spanish improved and by doing presentations, my speaking ability improved."
Spanish II

"It helped with the past tense a lot, and now I feel like I know more words. Overall, I loved reading it and I like oral exams about it because it truly shows we know a lot of Spanish."
Spanish II

"The same words were used consistently so it’s easy to recognize them."
Spanish III