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JMR Press has two versions of its popular Spanish novella, Sueños de la isla. Both present and past tense works of fiction focus on two brothers from the Dominican Republic who are pursuing their dreams to become major league baseball players. The present tense version targets low to mid novice readers, while the past tense version is perfect for mid to high novice readers. The authors have incorporated themes such as family, friendships, sports, competition, and dreams to appeal to a wide audience. This engaging and culturally rich story allows for comprehensible input based instruction that ensures a successful and positive reading experience for all students.

As a result, these books help students improve their reading comprehension skills and also promote their fluency in speaking and writing. Along with a basic structures list, there are glossaries of cognates and vocabulary to aid students as they read. For teachers, the authors have also developed extensive teacher and student ancillaries that include target structures and key vocabulary items for each chapter, comprehension questions, true/false statements, and many other activities to increase opportunities for input, repetition, and real language acquisition. Contact JMR Press now for more information on these exciting publications! Read More

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Sueños de la isla
The Gómez brothers love playing street baseball with their friends in the Dominican Republic. Will their favorite pastime lead them to success elsewhere? Come with Omar and Marcos in their adventures as they follow their dreams.

A los hermanos Gómez les encanta jugar al béisbol callejero con sus amigos en la República Dominicana. ¿Tendrán éxito con su pasatiempo favorito en otro lugar? Ven con Marcos y Omar en sus aventuras mientras siguen sus sueños. Read More
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